International Women’s Day ❤️

Yes, another post about the badass women in my life. I was raised by a beautiful tribe of mujeres who have shaped my whole being and there’s never a day I won’t express my appreciation. So, here I am, writing this on a plane ride to Guadalajara because this is the only time in my ~busy~ schedule that I could find to write this LOL.

First, there’s my beautiful mami. Que decir de esta mujer maravillosa. She’s everything I want to be and more. Her patience astounds me everyday as she overcomes obstacles at work where people doubt her abilities due to her accent. If I ever have children one day, I know I’ll have someone in my corner constantly motivating me. Gracias por tu amor..

To my abuelitas, who paved the path for me today. To my abuelita Rebeca, que me cuida desde el cielo, I know you’re taking care of me and blessing me with these beautiful opportunities that have come my way recently. There’s so much more I wish i could have learned from you, but the day will come when you show me. To my abuelita Geno, eres mi fuerza. You are a single mother who did everything she could to provide for her children and continue to do everything you can to make sure they’re happy. Both of you are badass and of o could reach a fraction of who you both were/are then I’d be happy. Here’s hoping one day I can be.

This is for the mujeres who are told that they’re supposed to play by society’s rules to be considered a proper woman. We shall never stop fighting for the equality we deserve, equality that should be accessible to all types of women no matter their background.

Yesterday and everyday is about celebrating women who make this world better. It should be our mission to do what we can little by little. Calladitas no nos vemos más bonitos so y’all can sit there and listen to me scream my lungs out until people start listening.

Here’s to the women who speak up when others can’t. Here’s to the women who do so much for so many with no recognition. I’m proud of how far we’ve come, but I understand we have so much farther to go.



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