Dedicated to my Galentine’s

First of all, whoever watches Parks and Rec is all that is right in this world so please be my friend immediately.

Second, thank you to the fictional character of Leslie Knope for creating a holiday where we celebrate our favorite gal pals! Valentine’s Day in itself also celebrates friendship and love (shoutout to my best friends and loved ones), but Galentine’s Day gives women an extra little reason to celebrate each other since the world doesn’t give us many chances as it is.

This post is for the mujeres in my life who make living a little easier. This is for those gal pals who uplift me when I’m down. They call me out on my bs and I’m comfortable enough to call them out on theirs.

Para mis hermanas,

That one quote from Liv and Maddie about being sisters by chance and friends by choice fits with our relationship so well. The first “gal pals” I ever had were you two and no matter how many glass cups and bad punches are thrown, I know that you two will always have my back.


For Mel,

I didn’t invite you to my quince, but I hope you’ll be happy to hear that you have an invite to my wedding (if and when I do decide to get married when the one comes along). You’ve joined our sisterhood as an honorary member. I’ve had female friends before you, but you’re the one who’s taught me that there is no shame in being myself. Thank you for allowing me to do that!IMG_0096

To Ale,

I’ve known you since I was in the fifth grade and you were a gal pal even before I knew what it really meant to surround myself with strong female friends. Just like with Mel, I’ve learned that I can be myself around you with absolutely no shame and judgement. You’re someone who lifts herself up even when the going gets tougher and tougher.


To the rest of my gal pals,

You all know who you are. Whether it’s been two minutes, two hours, two days, two months, or two years since we’ve last talked, I hold every strong female friend that has been in my life to the highest regard. Whether you entered my life when I was a little girl and have always been around OR if you entered my life in high school, I am the person I am today mostly because of the amazing female friends I’ve been blessed with.

I hope you celebrated your Galentines today, but don’t forget that you don’t ever need a reason to show appreciation to the women in your life! Tomorrow, even if you don’t have a boo, you at least have your friends in your corner. Go out and celebrate your friendship and the love you all hold for one another!



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